About IERF underline

The International Environmental Research Foundation
(IERF) is a publicly supported organization dedicated to undertaking
scientific research into complex environmental science problems.
The IERF provides grants to support environmental research and actively
follows developments in the medical and scientific literature in occupational and environmental diseases. In addition, IERF transfers this knowledge to communities when such information is critical to public health decisions.

Featured Projectsunderline

WTC - Risk Assessment

A tremendous amount of asbestos containing dust was released into the ambient air of Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the September 11th atrocity. IERF reports the first assessment of the risk of asbestos-related cancer to the general population of Lower Manhattan due to this asbestos exposure. Read more...

SV40, Asbestos & Meso-thelioma (SAM Program)

The SAM Program funds interdisciplinary research to further our understanding of the role of SV40, if any, in human mesothelioma. Read more...

Taconite Symposium

Program for an International Symposium to assess the current state of knowledge concerning any health hazards, which might be associated with the ingestion and inhalation of fibrous particles produced from processing taconite ore. Read more...